Security Tips for Government Infrastructures

Government infrastructures are supposed to be the more secured establishments than private buildings. Some government offices hold confidential information which, if not secured, could pose a threat to the privacy of civilians. Agencies in the government already have their lock systems installed once they were established. But the question is can those lock systems still provide maximum security to the agency? Upgrading the lock system in any establishment, especially for government infrastructures, is very advisable. Any expert locksmith would probably advise the same thing. Most government offices employ security guards to patrol the premises during non-office hours. However, security guards can still be bypassed.

Installing security cameras is one of the best upgrades for the lock systems of government infrastructures. With the right amount security cameras installed in all areas of the building, the chances of theft are very slim. For highly confidential files, it is better that a safe should be utilized. These safes should only be accessed by trustworthy individuals to avoid inside job burglary. Any government organization should install a security system. The traditional padlocks can only provide a minimal level of security.

Securing Critical Infrastructure for Government

Mr. Marc Tixeire AFSSAPS Security Manager told us that: “We wanted to secure around 700 offices doors with a systems which could adapt to our organization needs”. We host a lot of collaborators. They access rights are constantly changing. The aim was to secure all the offices which had old and classic mechanical locks. During our refurbishment, we were faced to another problem. How can we secure glass door offices? We needed to find out a one and unique access control solution for wooden doors and glass doors too. We decide for Salto System Access Control because Salto System offers a powerful and flexible electronic access control system which can be adapted on the fly and dynamically depending on the structures needs due to constants moves. View more here.

Modern lock systems also allow government officials to keep track of their employees’ activities. This is called access control. Security cameras can record activities inside the office where the staff are working. It is not always all the time that their supervisors are watching them. Knowing that there are security cameras watching them, the employees will surely perform better in their jobs.

6 reasons why Access Control security is right for your business

We’ve all used them before. Whether it has been to enter into our hotel room or issued one at your local gym, keycards are part of access control systems. Businesses use access control systems to regulate their security, using keycards, fingerprints or photos to open doors and control the access of certain rooms and areas. Read more at

Modern security systems are far much simpler to use than the convenient locks. They even provide more functionality to the user than their predecessors. In this sense, it is only reasonable for government establishments and commercial buildings to start utilizing state-of-the-art lock systems. The cost of these locks should not be your first concern but the security of the infrastructure and its indoor possessions.

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